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(1650 [*] Starred Project Reports are offered at a uniform fee of Rupees Ten Thousand each;

Other more than 9000 Projects are offered at varying Fees for each)

Lists of 225 Starred [*] SSI Project Reports:

1.                   [*]SSIs:Mechanical Engineering Industries:

2.                    [*]SSIs:Metallurgical Industries:

3.                    [*]SSIs:Chemical Industries

4.                    [*]SSIs:Food Products Industries:

5.                    [*]SSIs:Glass and Ceramic Industries:

6.                    [*]SSIs:Electrical Industries:

7.                    [*]SSIs:Electronics Industries:

8.                    [*]SSIs:Hosiery & Textile Industries:

9.                   [*]SSIs:Leather, Footwear and Sports Goods Industries:


Lists of 650 Starred [*] Multiple Project Reports:








Mechanical Engineering Industries:

Chemical Industries incl. paints, paper, pharma, plastics:

Food Processing Industries:

Glass, cement & ceramics Industries:

Electricals/Electronics Industries:

Metallurgical/Minerals Industries:

Service, Textiles, Leather, Forest Products Industries:

Lists of 775 Starred [*] SME Project Reports:

1.   [*]SMEs:Mechanical engineering industries:

2.     [*]SMEs:Chemical Industries

3.     [*]SMEs:Food Industries:

4.     [*]SMEs:Glass and Ceramic Industries:

5.     [*]SMEs:Electrical Industries:

6.     [*]SMEs:Electronics Industries:

7.     [*]SMEs:Metallurgical Industries:

8.     [*]SMEs:Wood Industries:

9.     [*]SMEs:Hosiery & Textile Industries:

10.  [*]SMEs:Leather, Footwear & Sports Goods:

Lists of over 9000 Non-Starred Projects:

(1650 [*] Starred Project Reports are offered at a uniform fee of Rupees Ten Thousand each;

Other more than 9000 Projects are offerd at varying Fees for each)

11.  Multiple List1: Mechanical engineering industries:

12.  Multiple List2: Chemical Industries

13.  Multiple List3: Food Industries:

14.  Multiple List4: Glass and Ceramic Industries:

15.  Multiple List5: Electrical Industries:

16.  Multiple List6: Electronics Industries:

17.  Multiple List7: Metallurgical Industries:

18.  Multiple List8: Wood Industries:

19.  Multiple List9: Hosiery & Textile Industries:

20.  Multiple List10: Leather, Footwear & Sports Goods:

21.               Multiple List11: Miscellaneous Projects:



Instructions to select viable projects for implementation:


·         First, you may select an industry group from the multiple classifications shown above. Second, you may CLICK on the selected industry group to read lists of specific project reports that are listed on Websites:


·         Thereafter, you may identify project/s for implementation and their respective S. Nos. At this stage, you are welcome to email/call sms FINANCEMAN ASSOCIATES with your Queries or Confirmation of Orders.


·         Promoters/Entrepreneurs can send confirmation of orders along with pre-payment of fees to the address given below through Courier or Registered Post.

For pre-ordering clarifications, promoters of projects can contact us mailto:drkumaranpola@gmail.comor call or SMS Mobile Nos. 09869282449 / 09867072185 or write letters describing project/s and requirements by specifying the S. Nos. of Projects to our CONTACT ADDRESS given below:


Dr. Kumaran Pola


K-14, Mahindra Park

L.B.S. Marg, Narayan Nagar

Ghatkopar (West), Mumbai – 400 086

Phone: (91 22) 25022329

Mobile: 09869282449



1)    Multiple lists of 10000 projects shown under diverse classifications below help in easy identification of projects for implementation. In many cases, projects appear repeatedly under different classifications for the benefit of promoters who may search products / projects using non-standard terms.

2)    ‘Back of the envelope’ or rough estimate of project cost or total investment for each project for a typical year of full operation is shown at end of project names.

3)    FINANCEMAN does not provide technology. Technology must be sourced from the machinery supplier. Alternatively, the promoters should associate a technologist during project implementation or appoint a technician trained by the machinery supplier. FINANCEMAN shall provide the names and addresses of machinery suppliers in the Project Report for SMEs/SSIs.

4)1650 Project Reports listed on our Website with names prefixed with a [*] Star Mark are offered to entrepreneurs at a uniform professional fee of Rs. 10000/- per Project Report.

5)    The professional fee is payable to KUMARAN POLA through cheque drawn on any bank branch in Mumbai. Click here to get our Address!

6)    The date of receipt of your typed or hand-written order and cheque by KUMARAN POLA is the starting point for the preparation of the project report for SMEs/SSIs!

7)     FINANCEMAN ASSOCIATES will respond to enquiries received through PHONE, EMAIL, SMS and/or LETTERS for PROJECT REPORTS identified for implementation by new entrepreneurs and all promoters.

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