VI. TOTAL INVESTMENT ABOVE RS. 10,000,000 AND UP TO RS. 30,000,000

S. No.; [Fixed Capital (%); Working Capital (%)]

S. No.(*)=Fixed Capital includes cost of land and building


Mechanical Engineering Industries:

37*Brass Utensils [179]* [FC:51%;WC:49%];

69 Cylinder Liners [132] [FC:57%;WC:43%];

162* Light Structurals (Used in Erection work) [142]* [FC:11%;WC:89%];

216 Projector (Including Overhead Projectors) [210] [FC:10%;WC:90%];

233 Sachet Filling Machine for Pouches (For Filling Liquids/Semi-Liquids) [109] [FC:16%;WC:84%];

308 Welded Wire Mesh (For Cement Concrete Work in Buildings, roads, Bridges, Dams) [214] [FC:23%;WC:77%];


Chemical Industries (Incl. Plastics, Paper, Rubber,

Oils, Cosmetics, Pharmaceuticals):

338 Carbon Paper (For Typewriters, Computer Printers, Handwriting) [121] [FC:27%;WC:73%];

346* Dialkyl Phthalates (Used as Plasticisers in Plastics, Rubber and Paints Industries) [142]* [FC:12%;WC:88%];

348* Dimethyl Sulfate (Used as Intermediate in Pharmaceuticals, Dyes) [292]* [FC:18%;WC:82%];

352 Duplicating Stencil Paper (For Duplicating Copies) [157] [FC:49%;WC:51%];

400 Pine Oil (For Use in Soap, polishes, insecticides, deodorants, etc.) [105]* [FC:22%;WC:78%];

420* Tartaric Acid and Salts (Tartrates) - Used in Drugs [148]* [FC:35%;WC:65%];

434 Zinc Oxide (Used as Pigment in Paints) [175]* [FC:27%;WC:73%];

447 High Density Polyethene (HDPE) Polypropylene Woven Sacks [103] [FC:85%;WC:15%];

448 Hessian Paper and Cloth to Polyethylene Laminations (For Packaging) [124] [FC:56%;WC:44%];];

470 Polyurethane Foam and its Products [126] [FC:67%;WC:33%];

471 Polyester Resins - Unsaturated [122] [FC:41%;WC:59%];


Food Industries:

539* Wheat Milling [278]* [FC:35%;WC:65%];


Glass and Ceramic Industries:

554* Glass Pressed Wares (Soda Lime Silica Glass tumblers, Plates, Bowls, Ashtrays, Vases) [115]* [FC:64%;WC:36%];

560* Glass Hollow Wares (Mouth Blown and/or Semi-Automatic Process to Produce Bottles, etc.) [103]* [FC:52%;WC:48%];

577* Silicon Carbide Crucibles [112]* [FC:54%;WC:46%];


Electrical Industries:

593* Distribution Transformers (Varieties of Capacities and Voltages) [168]* [FC:20%;WC:80%];


Metallurgical Industries:

646 Brass Sheets (For Brassware & Utensils (Domestic) /Liners, Decoratives & Electrical Parts) [183] [FC:17%;WC:83%];

674* Re-Rolling of Stainless Steel [169] [FC:66%;WC:34%];

677 Stainless Steel Re-Melting Using Scrap [168] [FC:33%;WC:67%];

679 Steel Re-Rolling Mill (To Produce Rods, Angles, Channels, Squares, Etc. from Steel Billets) [144] [FC:30%;WC:70%];

684 Welding Electrodes [185] [FC:35%;WC:65%];


Hosiery Industries:

720 Tarpaulin [350] [FC:2%;WC:98%];


Leather, Footwear & Sports Goods Industries:

735* Apron Leather (To Cover Rollers of Textile Spinning Machinery) [186]* [FC:59%;WC:41%];

737* Belting Leather (Used for the Transmission of Power in Industrial Units) [163]* [FC:45%;WC:55%];

742* Chrome Tanned Hides & Skins (Semi-Finished) [148] [FC:37%;WC:63%];

769* Sheep Napa & Suede Leather (For Leather Garments, Gloves, Caps & Ladies Bags for Export) [139]* [FC:56%;WC:44%];

775* Vegetable Tanned Hides & Skins (Semi-Finished) [213]* [FC:34%;WC:66%];



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